Competition Results

Thank you everyone who came along and support the Club Championships.


Little Dragons

Race (Group 1): 1st Dylan Holland, 2nd Kody Schwartz, 3rd Millie Houle & Adam Kirkley

Race (Group 2): 1st Seth Broadhurst-Barker, 2nd Mille Broadhurst, 3rd Olly Horlock & Asha Solanki

Speed Test: 1st Lewis Cocker, 2nd Callum Holland, 3rd Olly Horlock & Millie Broadhurst

High Kick (Group 1): 1st Kody Schwartz

High Kick (Group 2): 1st Seth Broadhurst-Barker

4 Corner Block: 1st George Cunningham, 2nd Asha Solanki, 3rd Olly Horlock & Adam Kirkley


Taekwon-Do / Kickboxing (6 to 13years)

High Kick (Upto 135cm): 1st Jacob Holloway

High Kick (135-145cm): 1st Fletcher Ryalls

High Kick (145cm +): 1st Ben Warburton

Speed Test: 1st Leo Eyre, 2nd Jaydn Ryalls, 3rd Joel Martin & Marcus Gunston

4 Corner Block: 1st Lous DeGoveua, 2nd Evan Cudworth, 3rd Harrison Morley & McKenzie McDonald

Patterns (Yellow/Green): 1st Maisy Elliott, 2nd Liam Evans, 3rd Joel Martin

Patterns (Blue): 1st Daniel Warburton, 2nd Zack Aldridge, 3rd Leo Eyre & Amy Wren

Patterns (Red/Black): 1st Jack Plumb, 2nd Holly Watkins, 3rd Harkiran Binning & Kyle Mason

Sparring (Up to Green Stripe): 1st Gethin Mullane, 2nd Maisy Elliott, 3rd Joel Martin & Liam Evans

Sparring (Blue+ Group 1): 1st Leo Eyre, 2nd Emma Watkins, 3rd Jacob Holloway & Abbie Deeming

Sparring (Blue+ Group 2): 1st Ben Warburton, 2nd Fletcher Ryalls, 3rd Jasmine Callum & Ellie Calladine

Taekwon-Do / Kickboxing (13yrs – Adults)

High Kick: 1st Stephen Robertson

Patterns: 1st Jon Lee, 2nd Jessie Waddingham, 3rd Rasanpreet Binning & Stephanie Harbon

Sparring: 1st Jon Lee, 2nd Stephanie Harbon, 3rd Stephen Robertson

Destruction (13-17years): 1st Rasanpreet Binning

Destruction: (18years+): 1st Stephen Robertson

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