GRADING TIMES – Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing

Saturday 21st June

Old Hall
10.00am Kickboxing
12.30pm TKD 6th Kup – Green Belts
2.00pm TKD 5th Kup – Blue Stripe
3.40pm TKD 3rd Kup – Red Stripe

New Hall
2.15pm TKD 4th Kup- Blue Belt
3.45pm TKD 2nd Kup – Red Belt

Sunday 22nd June

Doors open 9.00am

Old Hall
9.15am TKD 7th Kup – Green Stripe
10.40am TKD 9th Kup – Yellow Stripe
11.30am TKD DRAGON 1 – Purple Stripe

New Hall
9.15am TKD 8th Kup – Yellow Belt
10.40am TKD DRAGON 2 – Orange Stripe
11.50am TKD 10th Kup – White Belt / Little Dragons that have stepped up

All times are for what grade student are now.

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