Competition and Competition Training

Competition Training

Friday 1st April – 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Alvaston Junior School, Elvaston Lane, Alvaston, Derby. DE24 0PU

If you wish to take part in the competition please tell an instructor, we need full name, date of birth, grade, height for juniors, weight for adults, and payment by Wednesday 6th April, or you can email details to


GTI North West Open 2016

Longview Drive, Huyton, Liverpool. L36 6EG

Saturday 16th April 2016

Entrance Fee £22.00

Events – Under 18yrs – Sparring – Patterns

Events – Over 18yrs – Sparring – Patterns – Destruction

Closing Dates for Entries will be Wednesday 6th April.


  • 9th kup – white belt with yellow stripe/tags.


Adult: 18 years of age and older.  Junior: Under 18 years of age.
Belts: The ITF belt ranking system will apply as follows:

  • 9th kup – white belt with yellow stripe/tags
  • 8th kup – yellow belt
  • 7th kup – yellow belt with green stripe/tags
  • 6th kup – green belt
  • 5th kup – green belt with blue stripe/tags
  • 4th kup – blue belt
  • 3rd kup – blue belt with red stripe/tags
  • 2nd kup – red belt
  • 1st kup – red belt with black stripe/tags
  • 1st dan & above – black belt

Divisions: The belt ranks fall into the following divisions with separate categories for men,
women, boys, and girls. (With the exception of the Peewee category which includes mixed
grades of boys & girls). The option of a Veterans (40 years & older) category may also be
available at particular events.

  • Yellow – 9th to 7th kup
  • Green – 6th & 5th kup
  • Blue – 4th & 3rd kup
  • Red – 2nd & 1st kup
  • Black – all dan grades

NB. Yellow & Green and Blue & Red divisions may be merged depending on numbers in

Adult Male Sparring Weights:
Light-weight  –  up to & incl. 67kg
Middle-weight  –  over 67kg up to & incl. 77kg
Heavy-weight  –  over 77kg

Adult Female Sparring Weights:
Light-weight  –  up to & incl. 56kg
Middle-weight  –  over 56kg up to & incl. 60kg
Heavy-weight  –  over 60kg

Junior Sparring Weights:
Peewee*    –  up to & incl. 4ft. (122cm)
Light-weight  –  over 4ft. (122cm)  up to & incl. 4ft. 6in. (137cm)
Middle-weight  –  over 4ft. 6in. (137cm)  up to & incl. 5ft. (152.5cm)
Light-heavy   –  over 5ft. (152.5cm) up to & incl. 5ft.6in. (167.5cm)
Heavy-weight  –  over 5ft. 6in. (167.5cm)

*NB. Peewee division is mixed boys & girls, other junior weights have separate divisions for
boys & girls.


  • Yellow & Green belts: Point-Stop sparring.
  • Blue & Red belts: Continuous sparring.
  • Black belts: Point-Stop & Continuous sparring available.



The following patterns are the choices available to each division:

  • Yellow – Chon-Ji, Dan-Gun, or Do-San
  • Green – Do-San, Won-Hyo, or Yul-Gok
  • Blue – Yul-Gok, Joong-Gun, or Toi-Gye
  • Red – Toi-Gye, Hwa-Rang, or Choong-Moo
  • Black – Choong-Moo or any dan grade pattern relevant to grade


When board breaking takes place it is only open to adult Blue, Red, and Black belt divisions.
Each competitor attempts five different breaks as listed below. One point is awarded for each
successful break. In the event of a draw the lightest competitor will be announced as winner.

Red & Blue Belts – 1 White Board      Black Belts – 1 Black Board

1. Palm Heel            1. Palm Heel
2. Knife-Hand or Reverse Knife-Hand     2. Knife-Hand or Reverse Knife-Hand
3. Left Side Kick            3. Jumping Left Side Kick*
4. Right Side Kick           4. Jumping Right Side Kick*
5. Reverse Side Kick (Spinning Back Kick)    5. Jumping Reverse Side Kick
*NB. Performed from Parallel Ready Stance

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