Sunday 8th May

Delta Force, Kegworth Paintball Centre, March Covert, Green Lane, Kegworth.

Arrive: 9.00 – 9.15am DON’T BE LATE

Clothing: Wear old clothing, overalls will be provided, also wear boots if possible with ankle support.

Food: Tea/Coffee is available, cold drinks can be bought on site. You can bring your own food/drinks, or if you want pizza (Margherita or Pepperoni) can be bought for £4.99 on the day.

Additional paintballs purchased on the day cost £69.90 per 1000, shared cost between players as required.

Day due to finish: 4.00 – 4.30pm (Anyone needing to leave early can)

To take part you need to get the following forms filled in, please print and return instructor to ensure we can all play on the day, all under 18 year olds will need forms completed by parents.

Can all over 18’s please complete:

Adult Registration Form

Can all under 18’s please complete both forms:

What Parents need to know

Child Registration Form UK

Parental Consent Form UK


Directions to Kegworth

For all those taking part can you please confirm you have got these forms filled in, as we don’t want anyone on the day to miss out.

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