Forthcoming Event

We have got the following events coming up, please let us know if you are available to take part in the Demonstrations at Aston-on-Trent or West Hallam, also entries for Competition on 26th June required as soon as possible.

We do have a couple of spaces left at Summer School so if you are interested please let us know urgently.

4th June       Black Belt Training – Aston-on-Trent

11th June     Black Belt Grading – Aston-on-Trent

18th June     Kickboxing / Taekwon-Do Grading – Aston-on-Trent

19th June     Taekwon-Do Grading – Aston-on-Trent

24th June     Competition Training – Alvaston

26th June     Competition – Mickleover

1st July         Competition Training – Alvaston

2nd July        Black Belt Training – Aston-on-Trent

2nd July        Demonstration – Well Dressing Aston-on-Trent

10th July       Competition GTI – Cheltenham

16th July       Demonstration – Well Dressing West Hallam

1st – 5th August      Summer School – Aston-on-Trent

6th August    Black Belt Training – Aston-on-Trent

22nd-26th August   Summer School – Aston-on-Trent

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