Competition Results

WELL DONE to all the competitors that took part in the GTI Taekwon-Do National Championships at Cheltenham, the competition was tough and all those that took part did a fantastic job, for many it was there first competition.

Our competitors were:

Steph Harbon, Iwan Eley, George Young, Blake Prosser, Jasmine Callum, Abbie Deeming, William Elliott, Xander Broadhurst-Barker, Emma Watkins, Holly Watkins, Charlie Sloan, Robbie Brassington, and Morgan Taddeo.


Emma Watkins              Gold         Black Belt Patterns

Steph Harbon                Silver       Black Belt Sparring

Iwan Eley                      Silver        Black Belt Sparring

Morgan Taddeo            Silver        Yellow & Green Belt Sparring

George Young              Bronze      Black Belt Sparring

Blake Prosser               Bronze     Black Belt Sparring

Charlie Sloan                Bronze     Black Belt Sparring

Xander Broadhurst-Barker      Bronze     Black Belt Sparring


We have some more competitions coming up after the summer holidays, we shall be getting details for these out soon.


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