LTSI Competition Results

Congratulations to all who took part in the competition today, it was the largest event yet this year and everyone did fantastic.

Entries for the competition were Gemma Connolly, Jonathan Lee, Emma Watkins, William Elliott, Sam Foster, Blake Prosser, Morgan Taddeo, Kyle Mason, George Fearn, and Jasmine Callum.

It was Gemma’s, Sam’s and Kyle’s first competition.

The sparring was extremely tough, and all got stuck and fought hard.


Gold – Jasmine Callum (Sparring)

Silver – Emma Watkins (Sparring) and Morgan Taddeo (Sparring)

Bronze – Kyle Mason (Sparring), George Fearn (Sparring), Gemma Connolly (Sparring) and Morgan Taddeo (Patterns)

The next competition is GTI British Open on Sunday 6th November.

If you are interested in competing please let your instructor know as soon as possible, further details will follow shortly.



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