Club Rules


Please ensure all items of jewellery are removed before classes, for items that can not be removed, they should be taped.

Sparring Kit

Full sparring kit must be worn be all students juniors and adults to be allowed to spar.

Compulsory Kit: Headguard, ¬†Gum Shield, Gloves, Foot Protectors (Must cover back of heel), Shin Guards, Groin Guards (Male), Forearm Guards (Under 10’s).


Forearm Guards (10yrs +), Groin Guards (Female), Chest Protectors.


Please ensure you wear full Derbyshire Dragons Uniform for class, or Derbyshire Dragons T-Shirt and Trousers, do not forget your belt (This is one of the most important items to ensure you wear to classes).

Class Etiquette

Can all students and parents please ensure that when entering class and leaving class that they are as quiet as possible so as not to disturb classes that are currently in progress.

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