Final Results for Competition

ITC UK Open Championships – Sunday 16th July

All Results are now in:


Karl Mason Continuous Sparring

Beccy Mason Destruction

George Young Destruction

Molly Fearn Continuous Sparring

Molly Fearn Points Sparring

Morgan Taddeo Points Sparring

Jasmine Kooner Patterns

Leo Eyre Continuous Sparring

Leo Eyre Points Sparring

Ryan Odell Destruction


Beccy Mason Points Sparring

Karl Mason Points Sparring

Karl Mason Destruction

Jasmine Callum Points Sparring

Morgan Taddeo Patterns

Evan Cudworth Continuous Sparring

George Fearn Continuous Sparring

Katie Henderson Continuous Sparring

Jaydn Ryalls Destruction


Beccy Mason Continuous Sparring

Steph Harbon Continuous Sparring

Sam Foster Continuous Sparring

Jasmine Callum Continuous Sparring

Jasmine Kooner Points Sparring

Katie Henderson Points Sparring

Blake Prosser Destruction

Congratulations on such an outstanding job by all entrants, we have now in total won 26 medals (10 Gold, 9 Silver, and 7 Bronze).

All medals for Destruction are on there way to me now, so as soon as I have received them will get them to you.

I would also like to thank all the parents and coaches for their support for everyone involved.

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