Grading Times

Saturday 14th March

War Memorial Hall, Chellaston Lane, Aston-on-Trent. DE72 2AX

All Grade Times refer to current Belt Colour not what you are going for.

2nd Kup – Red Belt 10.00am

3rd Kup – Blue Belt/Red Stripe 10.00am

4th Kup – Blue Belt 9.00am

5th Kup – Green Belt/Blue Stripe 3.50pm

6th Kup – Green Belt 11.20am

7th Kup – Yellow Belt/Green Stripe 12.50pm

8th Kup – Yellow Belt 4.30pm

9th Kup – White Belt/Yellow Stripe 2.30pm

Dragon 2 – White Belt/Orange Stripe 2.30pm

Dragon 1 – White Belt/Purple Stripe 3.30pm

10th Kup – White Belt 4.30pm

Please wear full white suits (or Little Dragon suit) and Green Belts and above please bring full sparring kit.

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