Pattern Chon Ji

Further to our last blog on video tuition to support your classroom learning, we have just published the video lesson from Pinnacle Martial Arts for pattern Chon Ji to YouTube. Please take a look and enjoy.

If you want to learn more about Pinnacle Martial Arts please visit the website.

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Derbyshire Dragons Team

Online Tuition

The Perfect at Home Training Tool is now Available

Need to fit in extra training sessions but can’t make it to any additional lessons or simply want your Taekwon-Do training at your beckon call?
If the answer is yes then our state of the art online training modules could
be for you!
Available now for the special price of £3.99 for Derbyshire Dragons students, are the individual grading 
syllabi up to and including green stripe.

Each syllabus includes everything you will need to know for your next grading with video and voice tuition
to guide you through each move!

For more information or to book your online syllabus please email
Derbyshire Dragons

Taekwon-Do Grading Times

Grading times for Taekwon-Do grading on Sunday 4th December 2011

At: Memorial Hall, Chellaston Lane, Aston-on-Trent, Derby. DE72 2AU

9.30am     White Belt / Purple Stripe / Orange Stripe

12.15pm   Yellow Stripe / Yellow Belt / Green Stripe

2.15pm     Green Belt / Blue Stripe

3.45pm     Blue Belt / Red Stripe / Red Belt

White Suits must be worn for gradings, and Green Belts and above don’t forget your sparring kit.


Bokken Workshop

Last Chance

We have a few spaces left for the bokken workshop, where you can learn to use a wooden sword.

Workshop: Saturday 19th November 2011 – Aston-on-Trent – 2:00pm

If you wish to take part please let us know straight away.

All the best