29th September Fight Club

30th September Black Belt Grading

1st October LTSI English Championships

25th – 29th October World Championships (Ireland)

27th October Fight Club

5th November GTI British Open (Cheltenham)

24th November Fight Club

1st December Kickboxing Grading

2nd December ITF Union Northern Championships

9th December Taekwon-Do Grading

16th December STAR WARS – Quad Derby

19th December – Final Classes of 2017

Calendar 2018

Wednesday 3rd January Back to Classes

Sunday 28th January GTI English Open Championships

Saturday 10th February Taekwon-Do Black Belt Grading

Friday 2nd March Kickboxing Grading – All Grades

Sunday 4th March LTSI South East Open Championships

Saturday 10th March Taekwon-Do Coloured Belt Grading

Friday 8th June Kickboxing Grading – All Grades

Saturday 9th June Taekwon-Do Black Belt Grading

Saturday 16th June Taekwon-Do Coloured Belt Grading

Sunday 24th June LTSI Champion of Champions (Black Belt Only)

Saturday 7th July ITC UK Open Championships

Mon – Fri 30th Jul – 3rd Aug Summer School (Week 1)

Mon – Fri 20th – 24th Aug Summer School (Week 2)

Friday 14th September Kickboxing Grading – All Grades

Saturday 22nd September Taekwon-Do Coloured Belt Grading

Sunday 7th October LTSI English Open Championships

Saturday 20th October Taekwon-Do Black Belt Grading

Sunday 4th November GTI British Open Championships

Friday 30th November Kickboxing Grading – All Grades

Saturday 8th December Taekwon-Do Coloured Belt Grading

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