Taekwon-Do Theory
Please note, on gradings you can be asked questions from not only your current grade, but any grade previous.

Coloured Belt Theory
(Please note your new theory relates to your current grade not the grade you are going for. e.g. Yellow Belt (8th Kup) is required to know all theory upto and including theory for Yellow Belt (8th Kup).

Junior Dragon 1 – Purple Stripe
Junior Dragon 2 – Orange Stripe
10th Kup Junior – White Belt
10th Kup Adult – White Belt
9th Kup Junior – Yellow Stripe
9th Kup – Yellow Stripe
8th Kup – Yellow Belt
7th Kup – Green Stripe
6th Kup – Green Belt
5th Kup – Blue Stripe
4th Kup – Blue Belt
3rd Kup – Red Stripe
2nd Kup – Red Belt
1st Kup – Black Stripe

Black Belt Theory

Black Belt – 1st Degree
Black Belt – 2nd Degree
Black Belt – 3rd Degree
Black Belt – 4th Degree
Black Belt – 5th Degree
Black Belt – 6th Degree

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