Umpires Course

We shall be hosting an umpires course on:


Friday 13th & 20th April

Venue: Southgate Education Centre, Brighton Road, Alvaston, Derby. DE24 8TE

This course is suitable for all Red Belts and above (Aged 12 years and over)

The course will consist of two parts one covering  patterns and the other sparring.

Please let us know if you can make it.

Alvaston Class Time Change

Alvaston Class Time Change

Starting Friday 9th March

The 7.30pm Class will be merged with the 6.30pm.

Black Belt will then also get 7.30 – 8.00pm purely for them.

This change will allow us to put on extra training for all, including:

Fight Club, Black Belt Training, Black Stripe Training, Workshops, Instructor Training, And Umpire Training.

These additional sessions will replace the additional half hour, but will give all Black Belts extra training.

Grading Times – Taekwon-Do Saturday 10th March

Venue: Memorial Hall, Chellaston Lane, Aston-On-Trent, Derby. DE72 2AX

All grading times refer to current grade – not what they are going for.

White Suits to be worn, (Little Dragons that have stepped up will be fine in Little Dragon Uniform)

Green Belts and Above will need full sparring kit.

Old Hall

Doors Open: 8.45am

9.00am    2nd Kup / 3rd Kup (Red Belts / Blue Belt Red Stripe)

10.30am  4th Kup (Blue Belt)

11.30am  5th Kup (Green Belt / Blue Stripe)

1.00pm    6th Kup (Green Belt)

2.15pm    8th Kup (Yellow Belt)

3.30pm    Dragon 2 (White Belt / Orange Stripe)

4.45pm    Dragon 1 (White Belt / Purple Stripe)

New Hall

1.00pm    9th Kup (White Belt / Yellow Stripe)

2.30pm    7th Kup (Yellow Belt / Green Stripe)

4.00pm    10th Kup (White Belt / Little Dragons that have Stepped Up)

Weather Update

Unfortunately due to School closures there will be no classes this Friday at Alvaston and Chellaston, there will also be no classes tomorrow at Kirk Hallam.

Classes will be on at Aston-on-Trent tomorrow as we have instructors that can walk to the venue.

Kickboxing Grading will be postponed until Friday 9th March.

Muddy fitness will also be postponed and a new date announced shortly.