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Regular training will reward you with the following benefits:

  • Having lots of FUN

  • Improved fitness, co-ordination and flexibility

  • More self-confidence

  • Better self-control

  • Improved Mental discipline

  • Self-defence / conflict avoidance

  • Faster reflexes

  • Making new friends

  • Feeling healthier

And for those interested:

  • Chances to compete at local, national and international level

  • Leadership opportunities.

Taekwon-Do gives children an increasing sense of responsibility and self-esteem in an environment which emphasises the importance of respect and discipline. The skills learnt in classes will help them face the challenges of everyday life and go on to succeed in their adult ambitions. The classes help to teach children safe ways of channelling aggression. Conflict avoidance is a big part of self-defence, and the methods of self-protection taught to children are tailored to the specific needs of the younger generation.

What is Taekwon-Do?
Taekwon-Do is relatively a modern martial art. Introduced to the world in 1955, it
is based on an ancient fighting system called Taek Kyon – used by an elite force for centuries to defend territories of Korea against invasion. Taek Kyon was renowned for its skill in unarmed combat and particularly its devastating kicks.

Taekwon-Do, the art of hand and foot fighting, or the martial art of self-defence, has further applied science and the principles of physics to the moves of Taek Kyon in order to increase the effectiveness of the already powerful techniques. Taekwon-Do uses the whole body, and doesn’t rely on strength alone, because of this, it is suitable for men women and children of any age and stature.